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We introduce ourselves as a professional Industrial security services organization with branches all over tamilnadu we also like to claim justifiably that, ours is one of the very few services organizations in south india , run by professionals retired from defense and police services well experienced and qualified in this kind of services.  We have the experience and expertise in enhancing the present standards of security and setting up procedures to the levels demanded by International standards we have successfully carried out the security survey and deployed security personnel for reputed industrial houses and corporate offices. we provide genuine professional service in consonance with the demands of the principals. To provide quality service we individually select all our personnel and give them on the job training and also continuously monitor their performances.


our security officers maintain daily record of the events and report to the office on a daily basis and our field officers visit all our sites regularly for co-ordination and quality audit on all our operations . We provide our own brand of uniform with identity cards. We also provide substitutes for off and holiday duties. we also under take fire prevention /protection job including in house training in fire fighting. Let us move on to a secure lifestyle with CDSS , 100% safe and secure to the customers. Our security personal are given training from well trained professionals and ex-defense personnel possessing adequate experience in private security organizations, specifically keeping in mind our customer's requirements some spheres of our expertise have been in factories ,Banks and Corporate companies , Guest Houses, Estates ,Warehouses ,Construction Sites , Hospitals ,VIPs securities and Educational Institution etc.






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